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  • Is getting an MBA from a top school important to your future career success?
  • Do you want to know how to stand out from other candidates?
  • Do you aspire to build the best possible application without spending the thousands of dollars that private admissions consultants charge?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then MBA Prep School Digital may be for you.

Keep reading to discover a proven way to apply for an MBA from a top business school and get in. MBA Prep School Digital is the only program that teaches you the approach admissions experts use to help their clients create an outstanding MBA application!

Our comprehensive program is the result of a unique collaboration between three highly experienced MBA admissions consultants: Tyler Cormney, Alex Leventhal and Daniel J. Brookings. Each attended Harvard Business School and each has been successfully guiding MBA applicants for many years. Together, they’ve assembled a comprehensive set of videos, tools, templates, and examples to help you build your strongest possible MBA application.

I found MBA Prep School to be an excellent resource and thought it was well worth the monthly fee. I stumbled on your website/service through a series of positive reviews about your one on one consulting service and decided to give it a try. Although I would have liked to take advantage of individual consulting, I found using the videos to be the next best thing. They were completely practical, to the point, and they told me exactly how to approach the process so that I could generate the best application that represents me.

I was really impressed by how well you de-constructed the process and explained what schools are really looking for in an actionable format – you cut through the “we want to get to know you” statements that ad coms put out and explained what they really are looking for. The examples that are given in the videos are useful because they made the concepts concrete and demonstrated what a really good example would sound like in terms of tone and level of sophistication, etc.

I also made use of the various templates and example documents as models. The template resume was extremely useful. I wound up using exactly that format and just plugged my information into it. It really helped as I was trying to boil down a 7-page CV into a one page MBA resume.
Accepted to Wharton with a Fellowship

Developing High Quality, Differentiated MBA Applications is Harder Than Ever

How many Admissions Committees will view you as being an essential admit to their class and future alumni network?

How many of them will see you as just another interchangeable applicant clamoring to be admitted into their class?

The difference is huge. When Admissions Committees view you as a candidate with clear career goals, a deep understanding of why you need an MBA from their school, and a potentially significant contributor to the vibrancy of their future class and alumni network, they can’t get enough of you. Alternatively, if they view you as just another candidate — a commodity — they’ll “ding” you for the smallest reason and move onto the next applicant.

However, if you can go from being seen as a commodity to being seen as a potentially valuable contributor, you radically increase your chances of being accepted into the world’s most prestigious and competitive business schools.

In one of the toughest years to apply, my application stood out and I received interviews at Harvard, Stanford, Northwestern, and Wharton, among others.
Accepted to Harvard

From Being “Just Another Candidate” to an “Essential Admit”

Just a few years ago, it seemed that if you had good scores, worked hard during your undergraduate and in your job, then you would be accepted into top business schools and career success would follow. And for the most part, that was true.

But top schools have more and more candidates competing for a limited number of seats in each class. They are (rightly) demanding more from their candidates. Applicants are fighting for schools’ attention and actively seeking ways to “stand out from the crowd.”

If you want to build an application that truly stands out and differentiates you as a candidate, you need to re-imagine and redefine your approach. You need to think beyond your job titles and undergraduate school. You must evolve from an undifferentiated candidate to a standout candidate who is considered an essential admit by the schools.

To do that, you must use new strategies, focus on differentiation and fit qualities, and adapt your approach to MBA applications.

You must shift your mindset — where you are focused on what you will receive from the school — to the broader “contributor mindset” where you are focused outward on the contributions you can make to your class, the school, and the alumni community. This means going from:

  • Describing your career achievements generically to demonstrating a powerful career story and trajectory
  • Being unclear about your career goals to being able to clearly articulate where you are heading, both short-term and longer-term
  • Choosing schools based on their rankings or friends’ opinions or forum chatter to selecting your schools based on the key resources, knowledge and experiences that will help you achieve your career aspirations
  • Submitting generic applications across multiple schools to building applications that match the “Fit Qualities” of each specific school and demonstrate clearly why that specific school is the best match for your learning and developmental needs
  • Cutting and pasting essays between schools to crafting powerful essays that demonstrate your leadership achievements and future leadership potential
  • Expecting your references to “figure it out” to consciously selecting the best references and guiding your references to tell the most powerful stories that further reinforce your brand and unique differentiating qualities as an applicant
  • Attaching your “finding a job” resume to building a specific, tailored MBA application resume — there is a big difference!
  • Rushing your MBA application forms at the last minute to recognizing and leveraging the strategic opportunity provided by this important component of your application — remember that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression!
  • “Winging it” during the critical admissions interview to feeling confident, prepared, and best able to communicate your unique and compelling qualities as a candidate

Making these changes will have a powerful impact on your MBA applications. We’re going to guide you step-by-step how to make all of them and more in MBA Prep School Digital, a comprehensive program designed for Application Prep. We supply you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to get into a top business school, and we know our program works because applicants who have followed it have been accepted to all of the top 10 business schools.

When it came to the moment when I had to actually sit down and apply, I found that I was all over the place. Despite the preparations I’d already done, MBA Prep School has brought so much value to my application and already I feel much more confident.
Current MBA Prep School Student

Are You Ready to Start Building a Winning MBA Application?

Acceptance to a top business school can have a huge impact on your career progress, trajectory and lifetime earnings.

MBA Prep School Digital will equip you with the strategies, best practices, tools, and application-building exercises you need to become an “essential admit” to your chosen schools.

We have created the only online, module-based program that provides you with a step-by-step roadmap for choosing schools, understanding their unique fit qualities, and building compelling, differentiated applications that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your membership includes over 35 interactive, online modules available 24/7, a comprehensive program that guides you step-by-step through all the key elements of your MBA application, twice-monthly live Q&A coaching calls, exercises, best practices, tools, checklists, and much more.

When you complete our program you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to create an outstanding MBA application — from selecting the right schools, to writing MBA essays, to creating an excellent MBA application resume, to choosing your references, to nailing your admissions interview.

The program is broken into eight core modules, each covering one of the basic elements of a winning MBA application, plus one bonus module.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Test-drive the materials for 30 days and see how they feel. If you don’t like what you see, we’ll refund your first payment, no problem!
  • 12 Month Enrollment Bonuses: As a bonus for enrolling in our 12 Month Subscription, you’ll also receive a copy of our popular How to Apply for an MBA eBook. This essential guide is a convenient supplement to your online access to our videos and other tools. Additionally, if you decide to later engage one of MBA Prep School’s experienced private coaches, we’ll credit you $100 USD towards the tuition fees for multi-school package.

When you enroll now, you’ll get immediate, 24×7 access to our complete set of videos, tools, templates and examples to help you build the strongest possible application.

Reflecting on the entire process, it would be impossible to quantify how much you helped other than to say that I’m not sure I would be attending Wharton next fall without your help!
Accepted to Wharton

Here’s What You’ll Learn to Help You Develop a Winning MBA Application

MBA Prep School Digital gives you the knowledge and skills you need to develop a winning MBA application.

MBA Prep School Digital has been field tested with actual MBA applicants who have used our program to get into top ranked business schools. We show you how to create the building blocks of a fantastic application and then we show you how to put them together. When you complete our program you won’t just have learned how to create an outstanding application; you will have created one!

This step-by-step program puts you firmly in charge of your application, giving you a proven step-by-step approach you can rely on to help you develop powerful MBA applications. Thirty-five interactive lessons will guide you every step of the way.

You control the pace at which you complete each module. Some students pursue an accelerated pace and focus on their particular areas of need while others complete the program over eight to ten weeks. We designed the program so you can go at your own pace, knowing that all the valuable content, tools, examples and exercises are there for you when you’re ready.

If you’ve never looked closely at an MBA application, you may be thinking “What’s the big deal?” — what do I really need to know to fill out an application? You’re about to discover that an MBA application is much, much harder than it looks. That’s why over 80% of applicants aren’t successful. MBA Prep School will teach you everything we have learned over the last decade about how to get in.

Here’s what you’ll learn in each module:

Module One: Prepare to Apply

For the early birds who have more than twelve weeks before it’s time to apply, this MBA Prep Step explores the things you can do to prepare for the application process that will make your candidacy that much stronger.

In this module you’ll learn how to:

  • Think like an admissions officer in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your candidacy
  • Build self-awareness around your strengths
  • Develop an outstanding application
  • Decide which round to apply in

After showing you how to diagnose opportunities for improvement in your applicant profile via our Ding Diagnostic™, we prescribe a series of steps that you can take to address the dings and strengthen your candidacy before you apply.

Module Two: Discover Your Strengths

An outstanding application will clearly communicate your key strengths to the admissions committee. To build such an application, you need to begin the application process with a crystal clear picture of what your strengths are.

In this module you’ll complete a thorough accounting of your:

  • Points of Difference
  • Character Strengths
  • Career History
  • Leadership Capabilities

The lessons you learn about yourself will help you to shape each and every element of your application, ensuring that the end result is the absolute best representation of who you are.

Module Three: Define Your Career Goals

An acceptance letter to a top tier MBA program is not a blue ribbon for past achievements. Admissions committees are certainly interested in what you’ve accomplished thus far, but that is because they are trying to forecast your potential for future achievement.

One question appears consistently in just about every application: “What are your career goals?” Your answer to that question in essays and interviews can serve as an elegant proof of your future potential. A powerful Career Goals Essay will detail your plan to be a leader of consequence in the future.

In this module, you will:

  • Investigate the intersection between your strengths, passion, and sense of purpose
  • Define your career goals

The career goals you develop using these exercises will set you apart from other MBA candidates.

Module Four: Select Your Schools and Identify Fit Qualities

Defining your career goals in the prior module is integral to your application strategy because once your career goals are clear, you’ll be ready for the this module, which helps you select the schools that will best prepare you to achieve your career aspirations.

Select Your Schools
Identify Fit Qualities

In these modules, you will:

  • Learn how to look beyond the magazine rankings, the school’s marketing messages, and the opinions of others
  • Conduct an effective school research program and complete a set of due diligence steps to select the schools that are the best fit for you.

Module Five: Build Your Application Resume and Application Forms

Application Resume

Most schools will ask you to submit a 1-2 page resume. Books and articles about creating a resume are generally written from the standpoint of creating a resume for a job search. In this module, we show you how to create a resume with MBA admissions officers in mind. You’ll learn what admissions officers are looking for in an effective MBA application resume.

Application Forms

Don’t wait until the last minute to fill in your application data forms. If you do, you will miss out on an opportunity to use this additional tool to bolster your candidacy. This module offers tips on acing the application form and will address typical questions that applicants have when completing these forms.

Module Six: Write Your Essays

The essays you write for your MBA applications are the best way to differentiate yourself from other candidates, and this module will provide you with the guidance you need to create essays that will impress admissions officers.

Our Essay Professor™ modules will teach you the craft of MBA essay writing.

We provide you with the tools and techniques that experienced admissions consultants use to help their clients create exceptional essays. Armed with the direction and exercises provided in these video courses, you will embark on the writing process with greater confidence and a clear idea of your writing objectives.

There are no shortcuts to creating great essays. To help you stay on track with your essay writing efforts, we have broken the writing process down into a weekly program that will take you from first draft to final draft for three separate sets of application essays.

Module Seven: Select and Support Your References

Selecting your references is a critical step in your application process. In this module, we provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts of reference selection. You’ll learn how to choose the references who are most likely to write a letter professing that you are in the top 10% of your peer group and how to guide them to write letters that provide the substantive examples of your strengths that admissions officers want to see.

After you have selected your references, great process management leads to great results. We will show you how to guide and support your recommenders. You will learn what admissions officers are looking for in a great recommendation letter so that you can educate your references and ensure that the letters they write will increase your chances of earning an acceptance letter.

Module Eight: Prepare for Interviews

After you submit your application you may be able to take a couple of weeks off, relax, and reconnect with family and friends. Then, it’s time to get ready for the final exam – your admissions interview.

When the interview invitations are sent out you’ll only have a few weeks lead time to prepare; so this module will help you prepare to ensure that you are fully prepared by interview day.

Module Nine: Bonus Materials

The final bonus module includes five “extra credit” videos and exercises to help those of you applying to the most competitive schools. This content will provide you with that additional edge to help your essays “stand out from the crowd.”

The bonus content in this module includes:

  • Creative Writing for More Powerful Essays
  • Leadership Essays: Preparing to Write Your Essays
  • Leadership Essays: Writing Your Essays
  • Leadership Essays: Improving Your Essays
  • Leadership Essays: Revising Style & Grammar

The MBA Prep School Admissions Interviewing Series was a terrific way to prepare for business school interviews. They helped me get organized, and I felt completely prepared to wow my interviewers. I especially appreciated the tips and examples of how to tell my stories effectively and the STAR framework. Thank you!
Accepted to Kellogg

Why Listen to Us?

To create MBA Prep School Digital, we assembled admissions experts who hold degrees from top schools like Harvard Business School and have a proven track record of getting their clients into elite business schools. You will benefit from over 30 years of combined MBA admissions consulting expertise. We combined our methods and techniques into a how-to video course that will show you how to build a winning application, step-by-step. We will show you how to emphasize the qualities and strengths that admissions officers value most.

Tyler is an experienced MBA admissions consultant and is a co-founder of MBA Prep School. He started his admissions consulting career in 2006 with one of the leading firms in the field and has coached hundreds of MBA applicants. He is the co-author of How to Apply for an MBA, the essential guide to earning an acceptance letter from the world’s best business schools. He has also authored a “how-to” guides on admissions consulting used extensively by top admissions coaches and has published five guides on MBA essay strategies. Tyler holds a Harvard MBA, a Master’s in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Honors Business from the University of Texas at Austin.

Alex has been an MBA Admissions Consultant since 2005. After working for one of the leading firms in the industry as an independent contractor, Alex launched his own firm and has helped hundreds of applicants achieve their goal of acceptance into a highly-ranked MBA program. In addition to his private coaching, Alex has authored a career guide for MBA applicants and speaks to audiences about interviewing and the MBA application process. Alex holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and a B.A in Philosophy from Haverford College.

Daniel is a leader in the field of MBA admissions consulting. He is the co-author of The MBA Application Roadmap: The Essential Guide to Getting into a Top Business School. He has developed numerous resources for business education at the MBA and executive education levels. He has helped aspirants from around the world achieve their dream of attending top tier business programs since 2003. Daniel is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Harvard College.

What Your MBA Prep School Digital Membership Includes

We created MBA Prep School Digital to teach applicants like you how to ace the MBA application — the essays, resume, recommendation letters, and interviews. When you complete our program you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to create an outstanding MBA application — from selecting the right schools, to writing MBA essays, to creating an excellent MBA application resume, to choosing your references, to nailing your admissions interview.

  • 35 Online Lessons: This is an online, self-paced program. Each lesson guides you step-by-step through the process of developing a winning MBA application. The lessons are designed to provide you with both the core concepts but also the specific how-to information needed to go from understanding to action.
  • MBA Application Work Plan: An online work plan that will guide you and keep you organized and on track throughout the entire MBA application process.
  • Application Assessments and Exercises: We know you that tests and homework were your least favorite memories of undergraduate, but developing a world-class MBA application requires hard work on your end. Each lesson includes specific assessments, exercises and templates for you to download and complete. The output from these exercises and assessments become the inputs into your winning MBA application!
  • Case Studies and Examples: We have woven in case studies and examples that will show you how to put all your building blocks together into your absolute best application.
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Best Practices: The lessons include answers to frequently asked questions as well as checklists and best practices. These materials will help you develop the highest quality applications you are capable of.

From essays (choosing the right stories), resume (the right format … very helpful for international students), to the interview process, MBA Prep School walked me through all these important steps. If you are like me, not willing or able to invest a large sum of money on preparing your MBA applications, MBA Prep School will give you the tools to be competitive.
Accepted to Michigan (Ross)

What’s the Cost?

Traditional admissions consulting programs cost thousands of dollars per school, often rely on formulaic essay structures and application approaches, and some admissions consulting firms even use “consultants” who don’t have any meaningful admissions consulting experience.

MBA Prep School Digital allows you to tap into the expertise and insight of highly experienced consultants for a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but by following our step-by-step guide, you will build powerful MBA applications that truly leverage your unique characteristics and present a differentiated picture of what you can contribute to the class, school and alumni community if admitted.

Option 1: Monthly Enrollment

Tuition for our monthly program is just $97 per month. There are no contracts — you can cancel anytime. Most people enroll for three to four months to complete multiple applications and prepare for interviews. Naturally you can stay enrolled for as long as you’d like access to the program content and membership benefits. For just $97 per month, you’re making an investment in your career and future success. The monthly program is a recurring subscription. Once enrolled, your credit card or PayPal account will be billed automatically every 30 days until you notify us to cancel.

Option 2: 12 Month Unlimited Access

We also offer a 12 month unlimited access program. For a one-time payment of just $499, you can have 12 months unlimited access to all the resources, tools, and expertise contained within MBA Prep School. As an extra bonus, we also include a copy of our How to Apply for an MBA eBook as a companion reference during your application journey. Enroll for 12 months and really give yourself the time to utilize the tools across multiple rounds of applications!

I actually don’t know what to tell you – thank you doesn’t seem good enough. I couldn’t have done this without you. You made my dreams come true!
Accepted to Kellogg

Satisfaction Guarantee

Still not sure if the program’s for you? Test-drive MBA Prep School Digital for 30 days and see how it feels.

We think you’re going to find the videos are world-class, the tools, exercises, and examples show you how to apply what you’ve learned; the Q&A coaching calls give you exactly what you need to get to the next level; and the improvement in the quality of your MBA application and your overall competitiveness isn’t just worth the modest cost, but it’s also worth your time and attention.

If you don’t agree, let us know within the first 30 days of your membership, and we’ll provide you a full refund — no questions asked.

If you decide the program’s no longer working for you, you can cancel the monthly subscription at any time and you won’t be charged again. But we don’t expect that to happen! Our goal is to make sure that you build the best possible application that makes the most of your background, achievements, and career aspirations.

Sign-up now by clicking the button below to start building the skills and knowledge that will get you into one of the world’s best business schools.

Thank you for making my dreams of attending a top MBA program a reality!
Accepted to Stanford