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Representative Testimonials

Having followed the MBA Prep School curriculum, I had full awareness of the content pieces and stories to use for my resume and essays. Also, I was able to differentiate the qualities that were more important to one school vs. another, which helped me pick the appropriate stories for each set of essays. To top it off, MBA Prep School has video tutorials on acing your interview.
– Accepted to Harvard

The interviews prep tools MBA Prep School offered helped me to quickly and efficiently prepare for my interviews in the narrow time frame I was allotted by my schools. I was able to work through general interview prep, school-specific prep and identify and overcome personal interview weaknesses all in the matter of a few short days.
– Accepted to Wharton

The suite of videos and tools provided by MBA Prep School serves as a tremendous guide to anyone applying to top business schools.
– Accepted to Kellogg