MBA Admissions Consulting Services

MBA Prep School offers best-in-class MBA admission consulting services, essay and resume editing, and interview preparation to help you gain admission to your dream school.

MBA Admissions Consulting

An MBA Prep School Admissions Consultant will become a true partner over the course of your MBA application campaign through our comprehensive school packages: start-to-finish, whatever it takes until you have an application that tells your story in a compelling way and represents the best of who you are.

Alternatively, work with an Admissions Consultant on an hourly basis and customize each coaching session to target the application areas where you will benefit from expert guidance (e.g., resume improvement, essay brainstorming, or reference letters).

MBA Essay Editing

MBA Prep School’s knowledgeable team of expert MBA essay consultants will provide pointed and practical editorial advice on ways to improve your essay structure, content, style, and grammar.

Our editors specialize in the MBA application essays, so they do much more than just dot your i’s and cross your t’s. We go beyond wordsmithing to improve the structure, ideas, and clarity of your MBA essays.

Our approach to essay editing makes sure your distinctive voice is heard because that is what it takes to earn admission to a top business school. Helping you improve your writing style and grammar is only the beginning. Your MBA essays will become a professional, polished representation of you.

Rush 24 hour service available!

MBA Résumé Editing

Our talented MBA resume editors will not only help you improve upon your MBA application resume, but they will also give you an edge in the application process by making sure your education, career, and leadership achievements jump off the page!

Your MBA résumé must tell a story while highlighting the strengths that MBA admissions officers look for. Our expert MBA resume editors will ask critical questions that challenge you to create a resume that provides evidence of impact and showcases your leadership potential.

The resume you submit with your MBA application must motivate an MBA admissions committee to want to meet you. Our resume editors speak the language of business and are masters in the art of MBA resume creation. Don’t settle for less when it comes time to edit your MBA resume because it is one of the most essential elements of your MBA application.

Rush 24 hour service available!

MBA Admissions Interview Preparation

Prepare for your Admission Interview with a 30-minute mock interview followed by a 30-minute coaching session focused on ways to improve your interview responses and delivery.

The types of interview questions and the style of questioning are quite different from a job interview. This means your admissions interview preparation will require forethought and research. MBA Prep School’s admissions interview preparation program begins with a three-part video course and pre-reads that are an indispensable guide to preparing for your upcoming admission interview.

We don’t give you answers to memorize. Instead, we provide you with thought exercises and templates that you can use to develop original, meaningful, convincing interview responses of your own.

Think of MBA Prep School’s MBA Admissions Interview Preparation as a true-to-life dress rehearsal for your MBA admissions interview. The questions you will be asked are drawn from over a decade of experience with the top business schools. Moreover, we tailor our questions based on your MBA application resume and design questions that you are likely to be asked.

After the mock interview, we carefully critique your performance providing practical guidance on ways to improve everything from the content of your answers to the style of your delivery. MBA Prep School’s dress rehearsal admissions interview, also known as an MBA mock interview, is simply the best way to assure your interviewer leaves the interview convinced that you belong in their school’s MBA program!

MBA Admissions Predictor

A team of former M7 admissions officers teamed up with MBA Prep School to create a better MBA admissions predictor than a GMAT score! Best of all, with our MBA Applicant Readiness Quiz no studying is required and it takes only 15 minutes to complete.

Our proprietary analysis, developed by our team of former admissions officers, will point to the differentiators you need to emphasize in your application and flag areas of concern you need to address to be more competitive.

You’ll also receive a recommendation from our team of MBA admissions experts on the optimal portfolio of schools to target in your MBA application campaign.

Prepare to Apply

Our Prepare to Apply program provides four 1-hour coaching sessions plus a kickoff call, spread evenly across the months before you begin your business schools applications.

Your experienced MBA Prep School consultant will provide guidance on School Research/Selection, Application Strategy, Career Planning and Career Goals Coaching, and Leadership Portfolio Building.

MBA Application Video Tutorials and eBook

Our free online video resources will teach you how to tackle the most challenging aspects of applying to business school, including self-assessment, school selection, resume and essay writing, reference letters, and interviewing.