Stephen is an alumnus of The Wharton School and Lauder Institute, where he earned an MBA in entrepreneurial management and MA in international studies with a specialization in French in 2017.

He brings admissions experience as an application reader at the Lauder Institute, having evaluated the candidacies of dozens of applicants for the prestigious dual-degree program.

Prior to Wharton, Stephen worked as an analyst at boutique emerging markets consulting firm Ergo, where he managed expert network engagements spanning 75 countries over four years and developed written project reports for C-suite executives. Stephen received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in Political Science.

Stephen was an active member of the Wharton community, captaining his recreational ice hockey team, serving as a Venture Fellow for a Leadership Venture in Patagonia, and acting as a member of several clubs, including the Entrepreneurship Club, Out 4 Business, and a book club that he started with friends.

Among his proudest achievements at Wharton were winning the Wharton Writing Challenge’s Best Reviewer category in 2016 and being honored by classmates as the Best Negotiator in his negotiation section’s “Paper Clip Negotiation” exercise (he successfully bartered a paper clip to $75 cash through various transactions).

Since Wharton, Stephen has been a founding member of the strategy office of JetBlue, combining his love of business and aviation. This work has built on his passion for travel and hospitality, first expressed professionally through an airport retail startup concept he developed while at Wharton.

When he’s not working, Stephen enjoys travel, yoga, cycling, reading, and New York pizza.

With his experience coming from a non-traditional background and on the inside of Lauder’s admissions process, he is eager to help you begin your MBA journey.

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