CourtCourt is a Harvard Business School MBA who, for nearly 20 years, has helped prospective students from the U.S., Latin America, and Europe shape applications that stand out from the crowd. His clients have successfully applied to HBS, Stanford GSB, Kellogg, Columbia, Wharton, and other elite business programs.

Trained as a journalist at the University of Texas at Austin, he understands the secrets of good storytelling. Court has spent much of his professional career working for media companies like CBS, Univision, Telemundo, and Mexico’s TV Azteca. He understands the need for sharp writing and even sharper editing. Because of his work in Spanish-language media, this New York City resident is very comfortable working with students for whom English is a second or third language.

As an adjunct professor at Columbia and NYU, Court develops and delivers curricula for courses like “Diversity in Media & Advertising” and “Selling Your Pitch: The Essentials of the Business of Television.”

A contributing writer for Forbes, Court’s work may also be seen in places such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, and VICE. He was named a 2021 Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow and awarded a 2021 New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) City Artist Corp grant.

Court is a member of ASJA, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the National Writers Union (NWU), and NLGJA, the Association of LGBTQ Journalists.

School Package Prices

Package Price (USD) Savings
▶ Start with 2 Schools $6,995
▶ Start with 3 Schools $7,995 $1,000
▶ Start with 4 Schools $8,995 $2,000
▶ Start with 5 Schools $9,995 $3,000
▶ Start with 6 Schools $10,995 $4,000

Package Savings: You have 30 days to add schools at the package rate. After 30 days, adding schools is $2,000 USD per school.

Selected Testimonials

Here are just some of Court’s recent success stories:

Accepted at Harvard Business School and London Business School

It was an incredible experience working with Court on five MBA applications in 6 weeks. I was accepted to four programs, including Harvard Business School and London Business School. This would not have been possible without Court. Court knew exactly what I needed to hear to overcome my fears of applying as an untraditional applicant with a low GMAT score.

Court guided me through a self-reflection process and connected dots that were not obvious to me in my own life. We were able to package this all together to defy the odds at several top MBA programs. Even with a 5-hour difference, it seemed that he was only a text or email away – always willing to make time for me about the smallest questions or concerns. Court’s honest and straightforward feedback helped streamline the application process by simplifying my career goals and narrowing down which personal stories to share in my essay.

In terms of the mock interview, I was blown away. Court asked me three questions in my mock HBS interview that were asked in the actual interview. HBS is known for its unpredictable interview questions. Court understood their strategy and was able to replicate the experience.

Accepted at Harvard Business School

After receiving an invitation to interview at HBS, I reached out to MBA Prep School to investigate setting up a mock interview. I was lucky enough to be paired up with Court, and with his help, I went into my interview feeling extremely confident. He gave me broad insights on what HBS admissions officers are looking for in an interview and extremely personalized feedback based on our mock interview. He made me aware of my physical and verbal ticks that could be distracting, and he recapped each of my answers, highlighting which ones could use work and in what way.

Court also went above and beyond when it came to the HBS post-interview reflection, which is due 24 hours after the interview. On the day of my interview, he made himself available to recap the day with me, and he helped me focus on the couple of things that made sense to highlight in the reflection letter.

Court is extremely dedicated and passionate about mentoring aspiring MBA students, and I am fortunate to have worked with him!

Accepted to Harvard Business School

I cannot say enough positive about Court. I spoke with a number of MBA admissions coaches, but the second I spoke with Court I knew he was the right fit. His philosophy is all about authenticity and ensuring what YOU, as the candidate, are deeply passionate about comes across in your application. That means going beyond a laundry list of accomplishments & awards, or writing about how you’re the greatest leader since Napoleon. Court helps you dig deep – get beyond the facade of your profile and communicate what drives your passions.

I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have been as successful of an MBA candidate without Court. He took the time and effort to connect with me on a fundamental level and leverage that understanding to guide a successful application. It’s clear that he not only cares deeply about what he does but also deeply about you as an individual.

The MBA admissions process can be daunting. It’s easy to feel self-conscious or inadequate when putting together your essays, especially when so much reflection is involved. Court helped me see myself through someone else’s eyes, and feel genuinely proud about my past experience.

I do not hesitate to recommend Court unequivocally to anyone looking for an MBA Admissions coach.

Accepted to Harvard Business School

Starting my MBA application process, I was a little uncertain as to whether or not I even needed a coach/consultant. However, after meeting Court it immediately became clear that he would not only add value to my application but make the whole process actually enjoyable.

During our initial sessions, Court took the time to listen to my story and really get to know me. While I felt my story was unremarkable, Court quickly dispelled that notion and showed me how my story was indeed unique. He helped me develop the narrative and make it sound compelling and interesting while still being authentic. Through the editing process, we polished the essay to make it perfect. At each step along the way, Court was there to support me not only tactically, but also emotionally. Given HBS’ totally open-ended prompt, I felt reassured that we had chosen the right path.

When it came to the interview, Court went from jovial coach and mentor to serious interview prep. He helped me with feedback but not only improve my content, but also the delivery. This made me feel comfortable when the real interview happened. Court even helped brainstorm the post-interview reflection.

Through our five months of working together, I can say Court not only played the role of trusted advisor but a mentor, and through this experience, we’ve become friends. I highly recommend working with Court if you have the opportunity.

Accepted to Wharton

When I started working with Court, I was under a very tight time frame to get all my applications ready before Round 2 deadlines. It was overwhelming, and Court set me up for success right away by creating a schedule to get everything done in time.

As a non-traditional applicant with a low GMAT score, Court really helped me identify the most compelling aspects of my story — both personally and professionally. He gave me candid feedback and truly never gave up on me. Throughout the entire process, Court was always a text or call away.

I was thrilled to be admitted to my number one choice, Wharton. Thank you, Court for all of your advice along the way! It was invaluable.

Accepted to MIT Sloan

The only school I wanted to apply to was MIT, known for its scientific rigor and applied learning approach within an innovation ecosystem. At the time of my decision to do so, I had conviction about the school but tons of uncertainties about how to successfully navigate the arduous process of an application. After talking with Chris from MBA Prep School, he mentioned Court as a potential coach fitting my needs. It took me a 15-min call to know already that Court would be an amazing coach, well suited to my expectations.

Court is like a human GPS, who will assist you through all the navigation steps of the application. He will push you to discover yourself, to be authentic, to know who you are and what you want to accomplish through an MBA.

Court went above and beyond in every step of the process. I said Court is a human GPS because he knows all the roads you need to take, where the bumps are, and … many of the bumps are in yourself. With his help, you will discover them, and you will feel more confident and competent for the task.

Court was very professional and emphatic, and neither left anything unplanned nor cut corners in terms of his support to my successful application. He was initially my coach. I consider him a life-long friend and a mentor.

Accepted at Columbia (my top choice)

It did not take me long to know how perfectly Court and I would work together. It honestly felt that no one else would help me walk (and when necessary run!) this journey that sometimes can feel lonely and scary. Court made sure it never felt that way as he right away established a partnership that was built with transparency, creative collaboration, and kindness (and I daresay friendship).

I was clear with Court about my desire to go to Columbia and he did not once falter on focusing on my goal while working efficiently on an hour-by-hour basis. I never felt we wasted a second of those precious hours, on the contrary, as we got used to each other we became even more efficient. Court will learn extremely fast how to work with you, how to embrace any cultural difference (e.g. being Latinx), he will listen to you and remember every little detail to get unbelievable results.

Lastly on the work itself…believe me I can’t properly articulate how inspiring it can be. Court will make it seem easy: he will surprise you with such creativity and such knowledge of yourself that you will be excited to write those essays and make you doubt if he has not known you all your life. Court will ask you such simple questions or will push you to drive some specific thoughts (like describing a scene of a movie) that will lead to perhaps your best work ever and help you discover strengths you had no idea of possessing.

Thanks to MBA Prep School and my partnership with Court I have not only gotten into my dream school but I have also gained confidence that the path I have outlined for myself might in fact be possible.

P.S. You will also get a friend for life with amazing taste in movies!

Accepted at Chicago Booth, Yale SOM, Dartmouth Tuck, and Georgetown McDonough

Court was a fantastic coach to work with for my MBA application process. Coming from a non-traditional background for MBAs, I had a lot to learn about the process. Court’s background in journalism really set him up to assist me in preparing my MBA application narrative.

Court’s comments on my essays and resume were consistently constructive, incisive, and supportive. Because I had limited experience in drafting essays, he helped me through the entire process, from brainstorming topics and developing my story to polishing my essays prior to submission. He further worked with me on my mock interviews, providing specific feedback which really improved my performance.

I can’t recommend working with Court more – he’s a great coach and I consistently enjoyed our meetings, which were always productive and focused.

Accepted at Columbia

I applied to a master’s program in a field in which I have a lot of passion but no prior experience. Given the latter, one of the main challenges I had was writing down in a few sentences why I wanted to change my career direction. I couldn’t have done this without Court; by telling him my life story and where I come from, he helped me find the perfect narrative. I was amazed by how fast he got to know me after a brief conversation. This is probably due to his empathic and perceptive approach.

As an international applicant, another big challenge was understanding what American universities look for in potential students and highlighting those features in the essay. If it hadn’t been for Court and his expertise in top-notch universities, I would have never gotten a grasp on it. I am amazed at the number of things that he taught me in such a short time.

Every session with Court was worth it. I was impressed by his knowledge and his ability to turn what I thought was an ordinary fact into an engaging story. His professionalism and strong work ethic guarantee you will be getting honest and constructive feedback that will only enhance your application.

Although our sessions were in English, we would sometimes switch to Spanish. This was really cool because our ideas would always come across, and the message would always be clear. As a native Spanish speaker, I must say his command of the language is beyond outstanding.

Court has an amazing energy that transcends the screen and makes you feel very comfortable and understood. I want to emphasize that he was always available to answer my questions by email, text message, or even a phone call. He remained engaged in my graduate journey even after submitting my application.

Having had the chance to work with Court was, without a doubt, one of the best things about my application process. He encouraged me to be authentic and to feel more confident about myself. He’s a great professional, but most importantly, he’s a wonderful person. Thank you, Court, for your guidance, support, and friendship; I celebrate with you my admission to Columbia University!

Accepted at Dartmouth (Tuck) and Georgetown (McDonough)

Working with Court was a wonderful experience. Court helped me to pull out key and authentic details about myself and my goals in order to craft a compelling application. In working with Court, I was able to draw on nuances about myself as an applicant that I would not have been able to tease out without Court’s help. The constructive approach that Court adopted allowed for collaboration, with Court offering wisdom and expertise, but also treating my own insights with respect. Court helped me identify my strengths, and most importantly, helped me to articulate them in a meaningful and authentic manner.

Court helped me structure my first essay to meet the specific question posted in my first application, and helped me through high-level strategy in approaching various other essays as our time was dwindling, allowing me to repurpose my essay to suit a number of similar topics.

Court was available and responsive always – whether weekend or weekday, Court always turned around edits or suggestions in a timely manner, and was always willing to jump on the phone to chat through any quick questions or thoughts about strategy and application approach. Court went above and beyond in his commitment to helping me accomplish my goals, maintaining a dialogue with me, and an investment in my application process, even after our hours had expired, which speaks volumes to his character.

Accepted at NYU Stern, LSE, and HEC Paris

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Court, whose assistance was invaluable in the process of applying to and being accepted by one of the best EMBA programs in the world. In addition to MBA Prep School’s very well-structured process, Court contributed a level of personalization and attention to detail that exceeded my expectations. His guidance in developing my narrative and sharpening it into a very well-polished set of essays was undoubtedly key to my success. Additionally, he is extremely professional and takes a genuine interest in building a personal connection. I recommend him without reservation and am extremely glad that we had the opportunity to work together.

Accepted at Columbia (top-ranked and my top-choice)

Court is an extraordinary human being and an absolutely awesome advisor! We worked closely together on four business school applications. Given his journalism training and experience as an essayist and contributor for major publications, Court was seamlessly able to distill and reposition the most salient elements of my applications. Moreover, Court’s extensive media background and global outlook make him a uniquely gifted storyteller, very much attuned to what business school admission officers are looking to validate in a candidate’s application materials. His feedback on my essays helped convey a clear and authentic message of my journey and long-term vision for myself.

I learned immensely from his strategic perspective, innate narrative skills, clear focus, and his MBA and overall life experience. I often recall our collaboration with a deep sense of serenity and gratitude for all the possibilities it sparked in my life. The application process requires more than rigor, resiliency, and innovative thinking. A network of support contributes to a successful application, and you want Court to be on your team.

Accepted to Georgetown Full-Time, UC Berkeley Haas EWMBA, USC Marshall Part-Time, UC Davis Part-Time

Going into the application process, I knew that I needed a coach to be both a fantastic storyteller and a staunch coach for my candidacy. Court was everything I hoped for and more. His honest feedback, sharp writing skills, and insights in admissions are a potent combination that makes him an invaluable ally to any business school applicant. Dare I say, working with Court makes the application process as enjoyable as possible.

He is professional, always timely, and most of all, passionate about advocating for his clients. Court has a special ability to identify the unique strengths within a profile and portray those qualities through writing. I can directly attribute my business school admissions success to Court’s hard work and talent. It is thanks to him that I can proudly say I will be attending b-school in the Fall!

Thank you very much for introducing me to Court. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him!

Accepted at Darden School of Business

If there is a feeling of inclusion, MBA Prep School certainly made me feel at home from end to end. When I first contacted MBA Prep, Mariah, a former institution’s employee, read me like she had known me for years. Coming from Latin America and working in a nontraditional role before applying, I had to overcome a not very high GMAT score before being admitted. Additionally, I needed to recover my confidence after being dinged last year by another top 10 US Business after landing in an interview.

After learning all that, MBA Prep School, after our 15-minute conversation, knew that Court would be the best fit. His background helping Latinos, charisma, and sympathy towards people allowed me to connect instantly with him. The level of introspection that Court mentored me to do was incredible. He guided me to think of all instances and situations in my life to point out strengths and characteristics I didn’t know would be useful to tell in an MBA application. After having done all the brainstorming of strengths of my life, I counted on Court’s background in the media sector to show efficiently how to use the power of storytelling to demonstrate my brilliance.

Court’s willingness to make me succeed built a bridge of trust that was made for life. I recall a week that I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t move my writings. 11:30 PM Court was there to help me think out of the box. Additionally, he prepared me for my interviews like no other. I have never been pushed to my extremes like that. Though a hard moment, his truths and pushes started a fire in me to do my best. I deeply believe that a true professional/friend is the person who shows how one can turn weaknesses into strengths. Court did that, and I am thankful that he didn’t measure efforts, time, and energy to make me succeed.

Today, thanks to MBA Prep School, I know I made a friend for life who guided me through the rigorous MBA process in the US and allowed me to get an offer from a Top US Business School.

Court, thank you!

Accepted to Georgetown

I wanted to be extra thorough in my search for an MBA consultant, so when MBA Prep School first matched me with Court, I requested a few references with whom I could speak. Within a day, Court provided me with the contact information of three previous clients who all agreed. I really appreciated that Court provided me with these references so that I could feel extra confident in my choice. Upon learning about each client’s exceptional experiences with Court, I knew that I was making the right decision.

Hiring Court to guide me through the MBA admissions processes, in the middle of a global pandemic, was one of my best investments. His warmth and positive attitude made me feel welcome, confident, and less intimidated by the MBA application process. He emphasized that the process, while daunting, should ultimately be a fun and rewarding journey that in turn enables personal growth.

While the process is an intense commitment (both time-wise and emotionally), I felt like Court was by my side the entire time. He is a gifted storyteller who was instrumental in helping me craft my story in an honest and concise fashion; he had a way of offering advice without it feeling like I had to implement his suggestion. In fact, he knew that the first essay I drafted should be thrown out, as it felt inauthentic (which I also knew, in my heart of hearts). Thanks to his keen insights, thoughtful guidance, and sharp focus, I was able to complete multiple unique MBA applications in the course of 2.5 months.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Court, and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have been able to be my true, authentic self throughout this process if it wasn’t for him. I consider my time spent with Court as a period of personal growth that ultimately will be an aid in my success at Business School. Thank you, Court!

Accepted to UCLA Anderson and USC Marshall

Life-Changing MBA Consultant!

Working with Court Stroud and MBA Prep was a phenomenal experience. I started working with Court in the extended Round 4 of May 2020 for Fall 2020 admission. It was quite a feat! I signed with MBA Prep on May 4th and made my target deadline of June 1st for all three schools I applied to. Court was up for the challenge, and together, we completed all deliverables in a little under a month. I got into my first choice B-School (UCLA Anderson), and my backup (USC Marshall).

I spoke with several top consulting firms before deciding to work with Court. They all sounded terrific, and it was a difficult decision. Court, however, was the only consultant I spoke with who seemed to really “get” me. I am a career explorer with a background as a creative in the entertainment industry and entrepreneurship. Court matched up perfectly with me with his career background in media consulting and network television. With the other consultants, I had a sinking feeling they were going to have a hard time understanding my career background, which was necessary to help me add some quantifiable metrics to my non-traditional MBA background.

The other element that sold me was Court’s willingness to advise on potential career pivots. Many other consultants I spoke with expressed that career advice was not part of their package. I knew that would be a sticking point for me because such a critical part of the MBA application is clearly expressing what your short and long-term career goals are post-graduation. I think answering those questions for a career explorer or pivoter can be daunting if you don’t have someone on your side who is willing to delve into that research with you or at least help point you in the right direction.

During a follow-up call with the co-founder of MBA Prep, Chris Aitken, Chris advised that although they would love to have me as a client, I should go with my gut in choosing a consultant. That sealed the deal for me. My gut had been screaming, “go with Court!” from the beginning. On our first call, Court was kind, charitable with his time, and genuinely interested in getting to know me as a person. He’s an excellent listener, and after we ended the call, I truly felt like he would personally invest himself in my success.

After we started working together, Court became my cheerleader. He made the formidable task of meeting a 1-month deadline for three school applications manageable. He always responded to my drafts within 48 hours, if not less, during weeks with tight deadlines. He encouraged me to reach out via text or phone any time I felt stuck, needed help, or encouragement. Court’s editing and writing abilities are outstanding. He is a contributing writer at Forbes and has been featured in Vice, HuffPost, the Washington Post, amongst many others. I loved that I did not ever feel like he was judging my writing. As soon as the process of essay writing started, we got into a great groove of drafts, editing, and re-writes that felt seamless. Also, talking to Court was always just a real joy. I never felt like I was “on the clock.” He was more than generous with his time. I always felt comfortable expressing any fears and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

In going with my gut, Court stood out as the best choice for me, and I could not be happier with my results. I feel so lucky to have found him and MBA prep. Thank you again, Court and MBA Prep. It was a life-changing decision. I now consider Court a friend and someone I can reach out to anytime for advice on this journey moving forward. As Court would tell me, “Just take the step forward, and the road will meet you.”

Accepted at USC and UCLA with Scholarships!

It was a privilege to work with Court on multiple applications to top-20 MBA programs. Before reaching out to MBA Prep School, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the application process. After just one call with Court, I felt reassured and confident that he would help me create an application that genuinely reflected my story and highlighted my accomplishments.

Court gracefully provided clear and honest feedback, pushing me to share experiences, passions, and future goals that would help me stand out from other applicants. Whenever I emailed with a question or concern, he provided a prompt and thoughtful response. He is not only rigorous but empathetic: Court seemed to know when I needed a cheerleader instinctively. The value of Court’s guidance cannot be overstated; the caliber of the applications that I submitted would not have been possible without him.

Court provided me with invaluable support during the interview process, as well. From the way he conducted our mock interview to the feedback he gave me afterward, Court set me up for success. His guidance allowed me to feel calm and prepared when I stepped into each of my interviews. I know I will use many of the takeaways I learned from him as I move forward in my career.

I am truly grateful to have worked with Court. His expertise, genuine interest in helping others succeed, and reassuring guidance were instrumental to my success in the MBA application process. Thank you, Court!

Accepted at Carnegie Mellon (top choice)

Court is a remarkably gifted writer, advisor, storyteller, and person. I had the opportunity to work through multiple applications to the top 20 MBA programs with him. Court helped me clarify my own career aspirations and craft an application that was differentiated, authentic, and ultimately successful in landing a spot at a top MBA program. Looking back on this and reflecting on my own career, I consider the time spent with Court invaluable and consider myself fortunate to have him as a mentor, advisor, and friend.

Accepted at Yale

Court’s help was invaluable. Not only does he understand writing from the inside out, but he’s gently honest. It was Court’s honesty that led me to throw out the first essay I worked on completely. Court helped me see that I had to tell a story that revealed my passions, maturity, and hopes for my future. With his help, I did it, and it worked! Thanks, Court!

Accepted at Boston University Quelstrom (with Scholarship!)

In the last 6 months, I had the pleasure of working with Court on my MBA applications.

I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to elevate his/her application to the next level. Before I met Court, I didn’t even know how to start the applications. Court guided me in a very structured way during the process. Thanks to him, I never had the feeling of being overwhelmed or being lost in the process.

What makes Court great is that he has extended knowledge of what the admissions want. He knows exactly what to do to make you can stand out. He has the natural ability to listen to you. He picks things up that maybe don’t seem important for you but can be a huge dealbreaker for your application.

Court brings his experiences and knowledge into the process. All of this in a very gentle and humble manner. He will never force or push his opinions on you.

He goes even further than the extra mile. At one moment, I doubted my list of universities. He gave me so many insights into the possibilities in the MBA landscape. He provided me a total picture of business schools, which was for me, living overseas, a huge help.

Court went above and beyond. He was always there to listen (day/night) no matter the time differences. I received feedback very fast during the process. Even after the process, he takes care of you. His follow-ups are very thorough. He gave me a VIP feeling. I never had the feeling of doing the process alone or feeling neglected.

Hiring Court was one of my best investments. I have zero regrets. The only regret is that I did not work with him sooner.