Christina received her MBA from Harvard Business School, where she served as a career mentor to first-year MBA students and as Vice-President of the Retail & Luxury Goods Club.

She earned her BBA/BA at the University of Texas at Austin as a triple major in Business Honors/Finance/Plan II Liberal Arts Honors. As a writer, she has won numerous essay competitions.

After receiving her MBA from Harvard, Christina has served as CMO for an omnichannel fashion start-up where she led the company’s marketing and merchandising teams across its retail, e-commerce, and wholesale divisions. In this capacity, she oversaw all branding, creative, and written content.

As part of’s Fashion team, Christina launched and led a broad range of Apparel, Accessories, and Beauty businesses across 25+ categories for Amazon’s luxury goods channel.

While at LVMH, Christina managed multiple functions for the Retail division for Marc Jacobs and helped launch the brand’s E-Commerce business.

Prior to graduate school, Christina was a Manager with Ernst & Young where she advised Fortune 500 and other clients in technology, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing on a range of strategic and financial topics.

Christina has served as a sought-after career counselor at several companies and has successfully mentored MBA clients to elite domestic and international programs. She serves as an admissions interviewer and mentor for her undergraduate business program. She particularly enjoys helping clients share honest, compelling narratives that cohesively highlight their unique strengths and experiences.

In her free time, Christina enjoys reading, writing, travel, fashion, and hiking with her dog.

School Package Prices

Package Price (USD) Savings
▶ Start with 2 Schools $7,495
▶ Start with 3 Schools $8,995 $1,000
▶ Start with 4 Schools $10,495 $2,000
▶ Start with 5 Schools $11,995 $3,000
▶ Start with 6 Schools $13,495 $4,000

Package Savings: You have 30 days to add schools at the package rate. After 30 days, adding schools is $2,500 USD per school.

Selected Testimonials

Below are reflections from just some of Christina’s recent clients:

Accepted to Harvard, Stanford and Wharton

After interviewing 20 MBA admissions coaches, I chose Christina because she seemed the most knowledgeable, helpful, and honest. She was exceptional! Christina went above and beyond so many times. Not only did she help me build a killer application strategy that uncovered strengths and important experiences I didn’t even know I had, but she also helped me understand the application process, choose schools that fit my goals, profile and personality, dive deeply into my life and dreams, answer obscure questions not found on any school website, and successfully make it thru the grueling process known as business school applications. If you are looking for a life coach, business school admissions whiz, expert resume, and essay reviewer, and friend all in one, Christina is the coach for you.

Christina is exceptionally caring and candid. She helped me emphasize my strengths in ways that were attractive to business schools, and she also was direct about my weaknesses including how to “solve” them which I appreciated. I knew that my top school choices would be hard for me to get into. While Christina was honest about my chances, she supported my dreams, helped me build a smart school strategy, and guided me thru the applications we did together. I was surprised by how reflective the process is. Business school applications are a journey into self. Christina showed me how to be the “captain” of my application ship, and I truly believe the self-reflection she inspired me to undertake led to the phenomenal admissions results. She is also organized and helped keep me on track for the action plan we devised together. She celebrated every success I had, and she thoroughly prepped me for interviews. When I got into my top choice school, Harvard, Christina was as crazy excited as I was. Needless to say, we were both happy that I also got into Stanford and Wharton.

I have already recommended Christina to all my friends. Her schedule fills up really fast, but if you can get her as your coach, you will be in great hands.

Accepted into Harvard, Wharton and Columbia

I would HIGHLY recommend Christina as the best MBA admissions consultant out there. With 100% certainty, I can tell you that I wouldn’t have gotten into HBS, Wharton, and Columbia without her. Along the way, she and I also became friends, and she has continued to mentor me during and after b-school.

Christina came recommended to me by a friend who had worked with her who described her as “ridiculously nice, ridiculously strategic, ridiculously caring.” This plus my friend’s excellent business school admissions results seemed like a winning combination to me. Christina took the time to get to know me as a person and not just as another applicant. She made sure to answer my many, many questions. She would even keep up with how I was doing in other parts of my life and gave great advice on work decisions. While she was great throughout our partnership, the areas where I needed help the most and most appreciated her expertise and support were:

a) Figuring out what made me special among many thousands of applicants. Rather than focusing on my analytical skills as a banker and the deals I had worked on which was what I had planned to do, she told me straight off that tons of finance guys with ‘mad’ Excel skills apply. She instead drilled down into areas of my life like hobbies and family stuff that I hadn’t thought to include. She helped me create applications that were unique, honest, and well-tied together.

b) Helping me build up my development areas. For example, she explained to me the importance of being involved with the community and help me pick organizations that interested me to get involved. Thanks to Christina, I’ve become not just an MBA grad but also a better person.

c) Helping me pick schools. Christina keeps up-to-date on individual b-schools. Not only did she share each school’s culture, strengths, and focuses, she also had me contact students and alums from each school and visit the schools to understand the programs for myself. Instead of my going by rankings alone, Christina helped me select a spectrum of top b-schools that made sense for me.

d) Editing my pathetic draft essays. Writing is not my strong suit so I especially am grateful for Christina’s gift for words. She encouraged me to write honestly instead of what I thought b-schools wanted to hear. She is also a master editor, and I ended up with applications that were the best and truest version of me.

e) Preparing for interviews. This is the one part of the process where Christina was a tough drill sergeant. She asked me a mix of basic and hard questions and gave me critical feedback. We kept practicing until she and I both felt confident in my ability to walk into a room and rock the interviews. Because she was deliberately tough, the interviews felt easy.

f) Deciding which school to attend. I ended up getting into all of my top choices, and Christina helped me pick the right school for me: HBS (and not just because she went there).

Thank you, Christina, for making my MBA dream come true. More than that, thank you for being a great mentor.

Accepted into Harvard, NYU Stern, Kellogg and Duke

Are you looking to get into a top MBA program? If so, then Christina is the right consultant for you. I talked with several coaching companies, but when I talked with Christina, I knew she was the one for me. She was genuine, savvy, direct, and diplomatic. She shared how she practices a flexible coaching style that is tailored to each client which I liked. She also has a fun sense of humor which helped to keep an enormously intensive process upbeat and positive.

Everything that Christina does and says shows you how much she looks out for you. Her friendly, open approach and strong listening skills make you comfortable sharing personal and sometimes painful details. She dives deep to understand who you are and what makes you tick. She also helps you craft your Application Strategy which includes your short- and long-term career goals, key strengths, and unique transformative experiences. She flexes her coaching to fit your needs, and she is good about answering questions and giving you context to make smart decisions.

When I told Christina how hard my work hours were and that I had limited time to work on applications, she helped me prioritize my tasks while also being straight with me about the risks involved. Even though it meant a smaller fee for her, she recommended that I decrease my Round 2 applications from 8 to 3-5. Now that’s honesty for you!

Jumping to the results, I was admitted to Harvard, NYU, Kellogg, and Duke. Although Christina always said that I was the key input into my applications, I still think of her as my “secret sauce.” She sometimes refers to you as the player and herself as the coach. Like a good coach, she motivates you to play smarter, run better, and be your best self in the competitive field of business school admissions.

Accepted to Wharton and NYU Stern (with $60K scholarship!)

If you take anything from this review, it should be that Christina is an incredible consultant, and in my mind, she’s as good as it gets. I can not recommend her strongly enough!

Going into the MBA process I was very nervous, as it is somewhat rare for employees to leave my company for an MBA. Therefore, I knew that if I applied and asked my supervisors for recommendations, I had to get into a program in case there were negative consequences at work. On top of that, I knew that I was in a crowded category as a white male in finance, meaning it would be difficult for me to get into a top MBA program. Christina was extremely honest and transparent with me from the beginning, outlining the significant work we would need to do on my application for me to have any chance with these schools. Fast forward a year later, and I made it into Wharton and NYU (including a $60k scholarship at NYU), and am on the waitlist at Harvard. The only school I didn’t get into was CBS, but this was my fault (I stupidly didn’t follow Christina’s advice on a key part of the application). I was thrilled to get into these programs, and given my demographic/career field headwinds + pretty average GMAT score, I attribute the large majority of my success to Christina’s guidance on essays, application forms, extra-curricular activities, and interviews. There is no way I’d be in my current position without her help.

A few areas where Christina stands out:

  • Christina has an incredible depth of knowledge of each MBA program. We were able to craft every single application to the identity of the MBA program based on her unique insights about the schools’ culture and desired candidate.
  • Christina was meticulous and creative throughout the whole process – every conversation we had she took careful notes and asked follow-up questions, constantly looking for a new angle/part of my life that we could use for my application. She was able to use my life/career experiences in ways I would have never thought of.
  • Christina is passionate. I truly felt she cared about my future and was fully vested in my success as an applicant. The time she would dedicate to me was way, way more than I anticipated.
  • Christina has a vast pool of past applicant experience to draw from. She would constantly use past successes as food for thought with my application process.
  • Christina is incredibly honest. She will not hold back. While this was a bit daunting at first, it is one of her most important qualities. She will not sugar coat, she’s going to tell you the truth, which is what you need in the MBA application process!
  • Lastly, she is just a kind and caring person. The MBA process is grueling, but she always took the time to make sure I was doing okay/build a relationship with me.

Accepted to Cambridge with Multiple Scholarships

Christina was consistently amazing throughout the application process! Her feedback was very detailed, thoughtful, and done in a way that makes the essays easy to update. With her help, I was accepted to Cambridge Judge (my top choice) and even received multiple scholarships. Can’t recommend her enough!