Chris M.

Chris M.Chris has over five years of MBA admissions consulting experience under his belt, having helped clients gain acceptance to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Northwestern, Yale, and several other top business schools.

He graduated from Columbia Business School and was previously an active interviewer for the institution as an Alumni Ambassador.

Chris believes in taking a truly collaborative approach with his clients to develop a compelling application tailored to each person’s unique strengths and aspirations, and refuses to rest until both he and his clients are completely satisfied.

Chris began his career as a high school teacher with Teach For America before transitioning to management consulting with Bain & Company.

Chris holds a BS from Babson College, an MEd from Boston University, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

School Package Prices

Package Price (USD) Savings
▶ Start with 2 Schools $7,495
▶ Start with 3 Schools $8,995 $1,000
▶ Start with 4 Schools $10,495 $2,000
▶ Start with 5 Schools $11,995 $3,000
▶ Start with 6 Schools $13,495 $4,000

Package Savings: You have 30 days to add schools at the package rate. After 30 days, adding schools is $2,500 USD per school.

Selected Testimonials

Below are testimonials from just some of Chris’ successful clients!

Accepted to Harvard Business School

I cannot thank Chris enough for all his help. Being a re-applicant, I know very well how much difference he made in my application. What impressed me most was his ability to bring the zest out of my long narratives, and he was able to understand the nuances of my convoluted stories impressively well. I also greatly appreciate how he gave me full liberty to choose which examples to highlight. And lastly, I must thank him for the last-minute assistance he provided on parts of my application due to delays on my side; I am grateful for the flexibility he demonstrated.

I very much enjoyed working with Chris and highly recommend him to anyone aspiring to attend a top business school.

Accepted to Stanford, Kellogg, and Yale SOM

I had a great time working with Chris! I partnered with him exclusively for my business school applications, defining my goals, selecting schools, brainstorming essay topics, crafting my resume, and completing several other components of the application together.

What I really loved about working with Chris was that he always believed in me as a candidate, and yet gave constructive feedback without hesitation. He also pushed me when it was required and ensured that I was thoroughly prepared for interviews. He put in a lot of work to understand which programs I was applying to and gave very specific feedback on essays.

I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone who wishes to apply to business school!

Accepted to Stanford GSB

I heard about Chris through a friend, and one thing my friend mentioned is that Chris becomes a very integral part of the entire application journey. And I couldn’t agree more. Chris was very insightful and went into every detail of my application. His guidance really helped me introspect and shape the story I wanted to tell the admissions committee. I believe my resume and essays underwent no fewer than seven iterations each, and Chris was very patient through all of them! I had a great time working with him.

Accepted to Columbia Business School

Chris was an excellent partner throughout the entire application process and incredibly generous with his time. He was very collaborative and provided excellent insight, both into the application process and my writing style. In addition to helping with my resume and essays, he was invaluable to my interview prep. He had a great feel for exactly which interview questions I was going to be asked, and we were able to leverage his insight to determine the optimal stories to highlight.

Chris was an integral part of my successful admission to CBS. I highly recommend working with him to any candidate applying to a top business school.

Accepted to MIT Sloan

As I contemplated my next steps in the intricate MBA application process, I realized choosing the right admissions consultant was critical. I had a high GMAT score and demonstrated leadership at a top tech company, but I knew I didn’t stand a chance without a strong narrative in the hyper-competitive world of MBA admissions. Backed by a stellar recommendation from my cousin, who was at Stanford GSB, I decided to chat with Chris. I also talked to several major admissions consulting companies before making my decision, and they all did little to convince me they were the right fit. Most were dismissive of my ambitious target schools. While Chris didn’t give me guarantees of any admits, he assured me that he would help craft the strongest possible applications and was willing to work hard until we were both happy with them. I ended up choosing Chris, and it was one of the best decisions I made during the application process.

Chris’ essay writing skills are what make him one of the greatest in the business. He is extremely skilled in communicating what each school expects in its essays without any unnecessary verbosity. He carefully distilled elements from my past that demonstrated my uniqueness and helped create a convincing story around them. The single biggest contribution I think an admissions consultant can make is applying his judgment to help the applicant choose the most impactful stories. With ever-shrinking essay word limits, this is critical. Chris’s judgment in picking the right anecdotes and communicating them effectively can transform an average application into a strong one. And this ability is what makes Chris great.

Completing MBA applications is draining. Having a guide helps immensely and gives you the confidence to push through until the very end. Chris was there at each step with me, demystifying this intimidating affair through regular conversations. Thanks to his attention to detail, he succeeded in helping me create a strong case by focusing on every aspect of the application, one after another. As a result, I received interview invites from almost all my target schools. He was also very helpful during the interviewing stage, working multiple hours with me to make me feel confident and ready to tackle the hardest of interviews. I finally received an admit to one of my dream schools, and I’m sure I couldn’t have done it without Chris’s help.

Accepted to Yale SOM, NYU Stern, and Cornell Johnson

This was my first time applying to business school, and I wanted someone who was familiar with the process to provide guidance. As someone on the low end of the work experience range, I knew that I needed to make a convincing case as to why I needed to obtain my MBA at this point in time. Chris helped me with brainstorming my goals and unique selling points, proofreading my essays, and mock interviewing. I was accepted at Johnson, Stern, and Yale SOM, and I ended up matriculating at Yale SOM. Chris was responsive, punctual, and respectful over the several months we worked together. Applying for business school can be stressful, but his support made it less so.

Accepted to MIT Sloan

It was a pleasure to work with Chris on my business school applications. When I started the journey, a lot of my friends felt that admissions consultants did not make a big difference; however, in my case, I wouldn’t have been successful without him. Throughout our six months of partnering together, he was very engaged and supported me with all dimensions of the process, which can be daunting.

For example, he spent a lot of time helping me think through the narratives for my essays. I could tell Chris took diligent notes from our conversations, which he later used to edit my essays to ensure we had clean, crisp, and compelling stories. I was fortunate to have Chris’s mentorship and guidance. With his help, I was able to secure interviews at three of the four schools I applied to (e.g., HBS, Wharton, and Sloan) and gain admission to Sloan. Thanks, Chris!

Accepted to INSEAD

The MBA application process can be quite overwhelming, especially for someone like me who wasn’t sure if my profile was strong enough for the top business schools I intended to apply to. As I started reaching out to some friends for guidance, a couple of them immediately recommended I talk to Chris to get a realistic perspective on my application and how to strengthen it. During our initial chat, he spent a lot of time understanding my background and work experience in detail and immediately highlighted my key strengths, which were crucial to effectively separate the wheat from the chaff in my applications.

His process is very systematic and detailed, which helped me complete all four applications to top-tier schools in just 3-4 months. He guides you through the process not only with content but also with the appropriate timeline to finish each application. He was extremely committed to the process and, despite becoming a father recently, was always available when I needed him.

Chris believes in keeping things simple and bringing out the key strengths that would interest the admissions committee. He helps you stitch the story together, bringing in various aspects of your life into a seamless narrative. We spent hours reviewing my essays and resume, sometimes going through 6-7 drafts, to ensure that I had sieved out all noise and kept only the key elements of my profile. He helps you with the process through full completion, even with interview preparation and scholarship essays that need reviewing.

I strongly recommend anyone looking for an MBA consultant give Chris a shot. While none of the consultants can guarantee you an outcome, Chris ensures you are completely satisfied with your applications and leaves no doubt in your mind that you’re submitting your best version for the admissions committee to review.

Accepted to Chicago Booth, Dartmouth Tuck, Yale SOM, and NYU Stern

Chris was extremely helpful in applying to MBA programs. He was very thoughtful in his approach and helped me to really dig deep and think thoroughly about my story. He asked the probing questions I needed to reflect critically about my upbringing and personality, and how these different life experiences have shaped me. Chris’ help framing my story made it much easier to communicate why business school was so important for me and my career goals, so much so that my acceptance letter from Chicago Booth actually had a handwritten note from the admissions team thanking me for such a thoughtful and vivid story. I strongly believe that without Chris’ help, I would have had a much harder time thinking through my narrative and the aspects of my life that were most important to highlight for the admissions committee.

In addition to being very insightful and a great coach throughout the process, Chris was approachable and made me feel very comfortable putting myself out there to him. I trusted all of Chris’ advice, and working with him put me at ease during what would have otherwise been a much more stressful process.

Accepted to Columbia Business School

I was ecstatic to receive an invitation to interview at my top school but at a loss for how best to prepare. Chris’s insight and systematic approach helped me to quickly pinpoint where I needed to focus on improving and prevented me from potentially making costly mistakes. Fortunately, I received an offer of admission, and Chris was instrumental in this outcome. Thank you!

Accepted to MIT Sloan

I highly recommend MBA Prep School and, more specifically, Chris. I worked with Chris to complete applications for two schools and found it to be a very productive experience. Chris was exceptional at helping me articulate my story and aspirations.

From the first meeting, Chris was interested in my goals during and after business school. Flexibly planning 60-minute meetings to accommodate my schedule, Chris ensured my big picture ideas were well-thought-out and organized before drafting essays to minimize rework. In the early stages, Chris also helped revise my resume to reduce jargon and highlight my accomplishments. I feel the resume could have been lost in the process, but Chris treated the resume revisions equal to those for essays.

Once we completed my resume, we worked to develop the essays and reference guides for my recommenders. Here is where I found Chris to be especially helpful. With each essay going through multiple outlines and drafts, Chris was always willing to take on another draft to ensure my ideas were as concise and powerful as possible. Most importantly, Chris emphasized the need to connect my goals and strengths with how an MBA could get me there. Without his guidance, I don’t believe my essays would have conveyed the right purpose.

I highly recommend working with Chris. He gave me a clear understanding of the application process and helped me get into my top choice business school. He was always on time and provided clear instructions on what needed to be accomplished before each meeting. Working with Chris helped leverage my past work and goals to successfully navigate business school applications.

Accepted to Chicago Booth

I got into the school of my dreams, and Chris was instrumental in making that happen. From the onset, Chris brought to the table a very positive attitude, a creative mindset that drew out interesting details while maintaining the broader vision of the essay(s), and a fresh perspective on the MBA community and curriculum. He served as the anchor during all the moving pieces of my MBA applications and the very demanding nature of my job. He also provided a lot of moral support throughout the entire process, allowing me to submit the best possible package for each application.

Another insight I had from interacting with Chris is how to manage my time most effectively, and he portrayed how a successful admit should perform after matriculating at a top business school. The GMAT and MBA application process are the “appetizers” to what your two years will be, during which time you’ll constantly be having to fulfill multiple commitments without compromising the quality of any event or interaction. He, indirectly, prepared me to fully take advantage and enjoy all the opportunities at Chicago Booth, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Even until today, we still keep in touch. He is a good mentor and friend. I give my highest recommendation to Chris for any person looking to apply to a top business school.

Accepted to Northwestern Kellogg and Yale SOM

I’m extremely glad I worked with Chris to complete my applications. The structure he brought to the process in terms of both understanding what was critical and putting a timeline on actions was great and very thorough. He helped me turn my experiences into strong essays that relayed my strengths effectively! He also helped immensely with mock interviews and provided an interesting insight into the various school cultures, allowing me to get an insider’s perspective from thousands of miles away. A side note on his wordsmithing skills as well: they are phenomenal.

Accepted to Columbia Business School

I had the privilege of working with Chris to complete my business school applications. After failing to get into a top business school last year, even with help from other consultants, partnering with Chris this year has been a refreshing and successful experience.

His willingness to spend considerable time brainstorming and helping me discover the optimal story to present was exceptional, and he was diligent in helping frame the essays to highlight my differentiating strengths. I found in him a guide who wanted to support me in creating great applications by collaborating on every component and taking a very detail-oriented approach.

His unique ability to make me feel comfortable led me to openly share thoughts more freely, and this attribute makes him a valuable coach and different from any other consultant I spoke with. I believe an applicant requires a friend, guide, and mentor during these strenuous times, which is why I was lucky to have Chris during this journey. I was admitted to Columbia Business School, and without a doubt, this would not have been possible without Chris’ support.

Accepted to Yale SOM

Chris was really helpful with several components of the application. First, he helped me clearly and concisely articulate why I wanted to get an MBA. Like most applicants, I started with a long list of motivations and several potential career aspirations, and Chris helped me distill these ideas into a few key themes and a fluid narrative that made a strong impression on the admissions committee while also meeting the word count. Chris also provided actionable feedback on my essays without stripping away my voice and what I felt makes me unique. And finally, Chris was always on time for our calls and with his written feedback, which was really important given my hectic schedule.

Accepted to NYU Stern

I had the opportunity to work with Chris throughout my application process, and I had a great experience. I applied to one program and was recently accepted. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and provided very constructive feedback to better highlight my strengths to the admissions committee. I truly appreciated his candidness regarding my candidacy as an applicant. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone applying to an MBA program!

Accepted to Michigan Ross

Having Chris as an admissions consultant was great. Initially, I was wary that having an admissions consultant wouldn’t have a significant effect on my MBA applications, but it was the total opposite, and I thank Chris for that. Since our first contact and throughout the process, Chris always behaved professionally and was able to quickly build rapport with me. This allowed us to create psychological safety, and it was crucial as Chris diligently questioned my reasons for getting an MBA as well as the stories that I wanted to convey to the admissions team. After going through my essays and resume multiple times, Chris always provided thoughtful comments, insights, and honest feedback, which pushed me to continuously improve the documents. He was able to pinpoint which areas needed more work, and we were able to collaborate closely to craft a better story that was precise, concise, and impactful. Chris was always transparent on the turnaround time for each of the documents, and even as deadlines loomed, he always delivered them on time and constantly kept me posted on his progress.

Looking back, Chris was not only an admissions consultant but also a partner who helped me achieve a great milestone in my career. Chris’ continuous support and encouragement were crucial in my MBA admission because he always provided me with peace of mind during a high-stakes process. That’s why I fully endorse Chris as an MBA admissions consultant; I’m confident future MBA candidates will benefit from Chris’ professionalism, knowledge, experience, and candid feedback.

Accepted to Cornell Johnson and Carnegie Mellon Tepper

Chris was my application consultant during the 2017-18 admission cycle and a key reason why I gained acceptance to multiple upper-tier MBA programs. He helped me through the entire application process, from developing my brand to the admissions interviews. He was very responsive to all my questions and returned each round of resume/essay edits back to me in a timely manner. Chris brought to life many aspects of my application that helped me stand out among my peers; he is a very gifted writer. However, the part that stood out to me the most was how honest and respectful Chris was during the entire process, and I feel lucky to have run across him. He showed his true character when he helped me navigate the waitlist and edited an additional essay for a school after I had already gained acceptance to another one of my top choices. He genuinely wanted to see me succeed. I would recommend him to anyone who might be looking to hire an application consultant.

Accepted to IESE

Chris had a great feeling for the subtle points in my background and experience that could make me stand out in the application process. When reviewing my CV and essays, he could always find a more impactful way to put my ideas on paper. I was admitted to my first choice school with one interview and no assessment day, and at the interview, the admissions team told me they had been impressed by my essays.