Brett PhotoBrett earned her MBA in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and her BA in Anthropology from Yale University. She spent the early part of her career as a management consultant advising executives across the U.S., Europe, and Africa on behalf of firms such as Cap Gemini and Bain & Co.

She has been on the cutting edge of MBA admissions for the last 15 years. After completing her MBA, Brett served on the Wharton Admissions Committee, reading hundreds of applications, interviewing applicants across the U.S. and Asia, and gaining an inside perspective into the admissions process at one of the world’s most competitive programs. Since 2005 she has been advising applicants full-time on their admissions strategies and has personally helped thousands from across the globe gain acceptance to the world’s elite MBA programs.

When working with clients she is known for her no-holds-barred style, clearly delivering feedback that others might be reluctant to share. This direct style, coupled with her thoughtful and creative insights, provides a critical perspective for each of her clients. She also served two terms as president of our industry’s primary professional development group, the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants.

Outside of the office, Brett is very active in both the Wharton and Yale alumni clubs. With a competitive spirit that dates back to her days as a varsity runner at Yale, Brett is also an accomplished ballroom dancer, challenging couples across the nation.

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Selected Testimonials

Below are reflections from just some of Brett’s recent clients:

Accepted to Stanford

After interviewing a dozen consultants but not finding the perfect fit, I knew within a few minutes of my first conversation with Brett that she was the right person for me to work with. Brett has extraordinary insight into the admissions process that comes both from her time on an admissions committee and from her one-on-one work with many other applicants. She was immediately able to pinpoint the areas of strength and weakness in my application, and I was confident that she would provide honest and thorough feedback and advice.

Throughout the process, Brett kept me on track by helping me to set and meet deadlines for various components of the application, particularly my essays, other written material, and interview prep. Brett was extremely generous with her time and went out of her way to make herself available, particularly as deadlines and interviews approached. She often went beyond our scheduled speaking sessions if I needed additional help, even very early in the mornings or late in the evenings. She quickly reviewed and sent back detailed and helpful feedback on all of my essay drafts, and was very prepared and organized for all of our calls. I felt like every minute of my time working with her was put to good use, which was a big benefit because of my busy schedule.

As well as our more formal scheduled calls to discuss specific topics, I was in contact with Brett often to get advice on questions ranging from GMAT scores to choosing a recommender. Brett was extremely responsive and it was apparent that she had put a lot of thought into my questions, so I felt very comfortable taking her advice. As I had expected after my first call with her, Brett was honest (but also tactful) in letting me know when I was heading down the wrong path with an essay or answer to an interview question and played a crucial role in helping me shape my overall “story” for the admissions committee.

Though the admissions process can be very stressful, Brett helped keep me calm and work around obstacles that popped up, such as difficulty getting a recommender to submit a letter by the deadline. It is clear that Brett truly cares about the candidates that she works with, and the insightful questions that she asked throughout the process helped me tap into what I really care about in my life and career, which will be helpful for years to come. Overall, working with Brett was a wonderful experience, as she turned an application process that I was somewhat dreading into something fairly painless and personally valuable. Brett played a huge role in helping me get into my top choice school (in the third round!), and I would recommend her to anyone.

Accepted to Stanford

Right from the start Brett’s background and proven track record of success impressed me. After completing the initial application process without a consultant I knew I needed informed advice to succeed in the interview process. I spent a few hours looking through various reviews of admissions consultants and Brett stood out as someone who understood how to successfully earn a spot at a prestigious MBA program. She conducted a mock Stanford interview for me and helped refine my approach and overall strategy. Immediately after ending our interview, I wished that I had worked with her throughout the entire process – she was that good! Her tweaks and tips to my overall message framed my story in a way that calmed my nerves prior and gave me a logical way to prepare prior to the big event.

On decision day I found myself waitlisted after interviews at Stanford GSB, MIT Sloan, and Wharton. I immediately reached out to Brett for her advice. She helped strategize my approach to move off the waitlist and provided a logical and informed process to address my scenario. Brett taught me that successful movement off the waitlist required an active approach, and gave me actionable advice about how to tip the needle in my favor. Finally, on Round 3 decision day I got the life-changing call from Stanford! I can honestly say that without Brett’s help I’d be gearing up to apply again this fall.

When you’re competing for a spot at a top school it really is the small things that set people apart. Brett knows all the tricks. My only regret is not hiring her earlier in the process so I could have avoided the waitlist in the first place. In fact, I was 100% ready to hire her again if my move off the waitlist proved unsuccessful.

If you intend to apply to a top-tier MBA program I highly encourage you to hire an admissions consultant from the beginning. I’d truly be surprised if you can find someone more competent & knowledgeable than Brett – she is the best there is!

Accepted to Wharton and Columbia

Brett was a pleasure to work with, and based on conversations with co-workers and classmates about their experiences with their consultants, is exceptional at what she does.

She exceeded the (quite high) expectations I had – I was searching for someone 1) who could help me pin down and shape the core of my message while enabling me to still “be myself”; 2) who had a genuine, caring personality, someone I would want to talk to in the 11th hour; 3) who would be invested in my outcome. Also, I got started on the later side of Round 2 and needed someone to shepherd me through the process.

During the free consultation phone call, rather than rushing through it, Brett gave me as much time as I needed to decide whether we would be compatible. In general, that characterizes my experience with Brett – very engaged, generous with her time, committed to me feeling like I had a great product.

I started off quite disorganized, and Brett did wonders helping me find a great story among all the thoughts and potential directions I had. She digested my “story” and helped me isolate key themes to highlight. She also wasn’t afraid to tell me when drafts needed significant work or to go back to the drawing board. The first essay I wrote was great (for me) but just wasn’t a business school essay. During the whole process and dozens of drafts, Brett consistently put me first. Her feedback on my essays was thoughtful and sharp, she spent hours talking through concerns on the phone, and she kept me encouraged.

The application process is hard. Beyond the consulting support, Brett was fantastic to be around during that challenging time. She kept me motivated and kept me moving. I felt like a friend was helping me through the process.

I also used MBA Prep’s interview prep sessions for Wharton’s team-based discussion. They get 6 students on Skype and you run through the TBD live. That ‘dry run’ was incredibly valuable to me. It helped me demystify the interview and gave me the confidence to perform the day of. The feedback from Brett and from my peers on the call was high quality and actionable.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brett as a consultant. I could not have gone through the process without her.

Accepted to Stanford

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience working with Brett, and I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone applying to business school. Brett worked tirelessly to make sure I put my best foot forward in every step of the process, from taking the GMAT to writing essays to preparing for interviews. She was available at seemingly every hour of the day to discuss any of my concerns or questions and was always incredibly engaged in our conversations. I know she had other clients at the time, but I always felt like I had her full attention.

I often struggle writing personal essays, and I was worried that my writing would come across as stilted and insincere. Thankfully, Brett was there to help me figure out which stories would resonate with admissions officers, and enabled me to loosen up and produce some of my best writing. Her comments on my essays were always extremely insightful—she had an uncanny ability to know what I was trying to say and help me get it down on paper. With her help, I was able to craft a cohesive narrative that made me a strong candidate for some of the top business schools in the country.

Again, I highly recommend Brett to anyone starting the MBA admissions process. I am so grateful for her guidance, spot-on advice, and amazing ability to help me stay calm and enjoy the process. Working with her far exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t have asked for a better consultant.

Accepted to Wharton and London Business School

I spoke with several MBA consultants before deciding to work with Brett. I was drawn to Brett by her calm competence and her commitment to helping me put my best foot forward in my B-school applications.

When we started out, she pushed me to have conversations with students and alumni at my target universities. Of course, I learned about the universities and developed a sense of the kinds of students at each. More importantly, I got a better sense of what I, personally, hoped to gain from the MBA, and learned to articulate it clearly. Then, before I even started writing my essays, Brett got me to spend quality time analyzing my career and life trajectory to draw out the threads that connected my past experiences to what I hoped to do after the MBA. In the process, I did a deeper dive into my motivations and interests than I had ever done before, and truly understood how I wanted my career to shake out in the long run. Finally, once I actually started writing my essays, Brett provided invaluable guidance in making sure the essays were crisp and effective while continuing to reflect my personality.

To close this out, here is the email I sent Brett just after submitting my applications (and before I knew of any interview calls): “Thank you, thank you, thank you! It has been amazing to work with you, Brett. You helped me make the application process a growth experience. No matter how all of this turns out, I have broadened my horizons, and developed skills — and self-confidence — that will stand me in good stead throughout my career. And I can’t thank you enough for your guidance along the way. Thank you!”

I can’t recommend Brett highly enough as an MBA consultant + career coach.