Planning for an MBA

Planning for MBA applications may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be, with our comprehensive resources, information, and practical advice. Read on to learn more!

Types of MBAs
When it comes to choosing an MBA program, applicants face a dizzying array of choices. With over 7,000 programs offering post-graduate degrees in business and management, learn which is right for you.

MBA Eligibility Requirements
Minimum eligibility requirements to apply to a top business school are typically published on each MBA program’s admissions website. Read on to understand all of the requirements that admissions officers search for when evaluating your MBA application.

Application Deadlines
Your MBA application preparation timeline is determined by which MBA application deadline you choose to target. We’ve pulled together the application deadlines for 30 of the top-ranked programs and provided guidance on when you should apply.

Application Process
So you’ve decided you will apply for an MBA, but when and where do you start the MBA application process? We outline five key steps in preparing for and acing the MBA application process.

Choosing a Program
An MBA is likely to be one of the most significant investments of time, energy, and money you’ll ever make. Read on to learn how to choose an MBA program by looking beyond the published lists to instead rank schools based on factors that truly matter to you.

Strengthening Your Candidacy
Understand how to strengthen your MBA candidacy before you apply. If you follow our prescriptions, you will have a significant advantage over MBA applicants who didn’t know about these remediation steps or didn’t take them.