Create an MBA Admissions Strategy to Get Accepted

Your MBA admissions strategy is the key to getting into an elite business school. Access our guides below to build your winning MBA application strategy!

Fit In
Earning an acceptance letter to a top-tier MBA program will require you to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you are a great “fit” with their business school. But how do you prove you are a business school fit?

Stand Out
Although “fitting in” is step one, if you hope to be accepted by one of the world’s best business schools, you must also ensure your MBA application will “stand out” from the competition.

Demonstrate Leadership
MBA admissions committees are interested in your past leadership achievements as a way to gauge your future promise as a leader – your “leadership potential.”

Dream Big – Your Career Goals
Just about every MBA application includes an essay question asking some variation about your post-MBA career goals. You might think business school is the place to figure everything out. However, there are numerous reasons you need to think differently if you want to succeed in the MBA application process.