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The Difference Between Being Qualified and Being Accepted

Are you applying to a top tier MBA school? If so, you may already realize that a major gap exists between being qualified and being accepted. Since 2010, MBA Prep School has been helping our clients close that gap and earn acceptance letters to the world’s best business schools.

Your Competitive Advantage

Our consultants are graduates from the top 10 MBA programs, including Harvard Business School and Wharton. When it’s time to tell your story to the admissions committee, we are uniquely qualified to be your most-trusted adviser in the MBA application process.

Beyond Admissions Consulting

Our approach goes beyond helpful tips, application secrets, and essay editing. Self-awareness is your ultimate competitive advantage, and we will guide you through a proven process of self-discovery that will lead to a breakthrough application. You will walk away with more than an outstanding MBA application — you will be ready to make the most of your MBA experience because you will understand where your core strengths lie and will have a blueprint for your future that is meaningful, inspiring, and convincing.

Start Today

Creating a breakthrough MBA application that represents the best of who you are takes time – so you should start now. Learn more about MBA admissions consulting services and MBA Prep School’s affordable virtual consulting products.

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