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Your MBA Prep School consultant will work closely with you to discover and unlock your potential, providing you with a competitive edge and significantly enhancing your odds of admission to the most highly selective, top-ranked business schools.

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What Makes Working with MBA Prep School Different?

A Dedicated Coach

Your coach will be your trusted advisor throughout your application campaign. He/she is laser-focused on identifying and unlocking your full potential as a candidate for the top business schools.

Personal Branding and Application Strategy

Projects begin with our proprietary strengths discovery and application strategy exercises to shape the key themes and building blocks for all of your MBA applications.

Essay Strategy and Storytelling

You and your coach identify key themes and big-picture messages to develop your most compelling stories and essay topics. Your essays capture your voice, tell your story, and represent an authentic, impressive picture of you.

Collaboration & Co-Creation

Your coach reveals the principles at work in creating your best applications so that you can work collaboratively, not just blindly follow directions.

Career Visioning & Career Planning

Your coach helps you discover your career purpose and dream job, setting you on course towards a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

Proactive Project Management

Your coach provides you with a clearly designed work plan with weekly goals and project milestones and then manages the project to assure you stay on pace.

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Client Success Stories

Accepted to Harvard Business School

My MBA Prep School consultant helped me realize that the application was about more than answering a series of challenging questions. The application was an opportunity for me to search within myself and identify with the accomplishments, failures, stories, and values that I hold dear. It was an opportunity to transform those experiences and thoughts into a mosaic of words that conveyed why I was a special individual and deserving of a seat at HBS.

Accepted to Stanford Graduate School of Business

My consultant acted both as a life coach, spending hours introspecting on my life story, and as a talented writer, helping me bring my stories to life. He was a master at navigating both the big picture and drilling down into the nuts and bolts. He forced me to keep my essays crisp, concise, and to the point, while effortlessly adapting the style to fit both Harvard and Stanford.

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