SantoshSantosh (Sam) served on the Student Admissions Committee while he was an MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. In this role, he conducted admissions interviews and reviewed applications and essays, while working closely with the Chicago Booth Admissions team in rendering their application decisions.

In addition, he has engaged with over 100 clients from diverse industries and demographic backgrounds. He has helped applicants in every stage of the MBA application process from crafting a school list and career goals to assistance with interview preparation and wait-list strategy.

Sam particularly enjoys advising his clients on how to chart their short-term and long-term career goals and tell their stories in a way that admissions committees can relate to. He is known for his candid feedback and knowledge of admissions processes across many top MBA programs.

Sam brings a wealth of work experience to his work with clients including experience in the derivatives trading, health care, and asset management industries. He is also a CFA Charter Holder. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

School Package Prices

Package Price (USD) Savings
▶ Start with 2 Schools $6,995
▶ Start with 3 Schools $7,995 $1,000
▶ Start with 4 Schools $8,995 $2,000
▶ Start with 5 Schools $9,995 $3,000
▶ Start with 6 Schools $10,995 $4,000

Package Savings: You have 30 days to add schools at the package rate. After 30 days, adding schools is $2,000 USD per school.

Selected Testimonials

Below are reflections from just some of Santosh’s recent clients:

Accepted to Harvard Business School

In a time-efficient manner, Santosh helped me reflect on my career and personal achievements, and create a coherent, logical admissions “story”. He offered exceptionally clear comments to drafts of essays I completed, and always did so within 24-36 hours of any submission made. I very rarely disagreed with his feedback, which helped with both form and substance. Overall, Santosh was highly reliable and made me feel like I put my best foot forward in this process. He also offered feedback in a constructive way that was collaborative and well-intentioned.

Would highly recommend his services to anyone, particularly someone with a similar profile to me (banking and PE background).

Accepted to Columbia Business School

Santosh and I connected through a current business school student, who referred me to MBA Prep School. I had already spoken to other business school admissions consultants and was exhausted by the process. But I decided that since he spoke highly of MBA Prep School, that I should at least see how they could help. I was connected with Santosh, as he has a similar finance background as I, and would understand my expertise and professional experience. When we connected, Santosh explained to me the process of applying, and what my expectations should be.

From the beginning, he was both honest and forthright about my business school goals and guided me on the best way to approach the process. We had spoken on the phone for two separate 30-minute sessions, and he really made me understand what to expect. He spoke to how I could effectively use my time, and how much work the admissions process required for the number of schools I planned to apply to.

We got started working together quickly after speaking on the phone, and I cannot express how helpful he was in getting the process started. I applied to 3 schools with him, and a 4th with some assistance. He’s incredibly knowledgeable about individual MBA admissions processes and was a valuable guide in navigating my goals and tasks, keeping me engaged in the process. Our time was spent mining my professional and personal accomplishments while understanding how to present my strengths and weaknesses to present an overall polished and unique application. He helped me develop a fully thought out idea for my goals, and how I could effectively present myself as a business school candidate. Most importantly, he guided me on really thinking about why I’m interested in business school and understanding what I want to get out of it in terms of furthering my career. Without working with him, I’m confident that my applications would not have been as polished as they turned out to be, and I wouldn’t have as clearly defined goals as I do now.

I highly recommend working with Santosh. Since working with him I have been accepted to Columbia Business School, and am awaiting responses from the other schools to which I applied. He is wonderful to work with; he’s honest, timely, organized, and conscious of your concerns and how you want to present yourself as a business school applicant. Considering my soft GPA, he was able to help me leverage my professional accomplishments to strengthen my application and achieve my goals.

Accepted to MIT Sloan

I applied to 3 schools in R2 and wanted help with various aspects of my application — essays, resume, letters of recommendation, short answer questions, and interview practice. In every aspect, Santosh gave me helpful feedback and edits in a timely fashion. I can say with confidence that my applications were significantly stronger because of his feedback and our rounds of editing. It was clear he has a lot of knowledge about how to excel in the admissions process and he was always able to convey his feedback in a direct and honest manner. Given how competitive the admissions process is, I’m really glad that I took advantage of this resource to submit strong applications.

Accepted to Columbia Business School

I had a pretty clear vision of where and why I wanted to attend school, however, I was crunched for time in devising my own application strategy. So I formed a board of directors which was chaired by Santosh.

The 2 months of work we did around crafting my story in the most appealing and honest way was amazing. Santosh’s biggest positive aspect was his turnaround time. I felt like he was on my case 100% and that was one of the biggest morale boosters during a rather emotional ride of revisiting my life and asking the big ‘WHY’ questions.

Accepted to Kellogg

Santosh really helped me tighten the essays up. He helped identify the most compelling experiences, put a finer point on some of the arguments I was making, and made sure I included the unspoken, but mandatory elements (familiarity with the program and goals for after graduation, for example).

He also took a look at one of my letters of recommendation and my resume. On the letter of recommendation, there was relatively little feedback, which was lucky since it had already been submitted, but it did give me confidence that the letter was effective. On the resume, he provided great feedback on what an MBA resume should look like. I’ve worked in creative fields for a long time, so crafting a more formal, standardized resume wasn’t all that natural to me.

Accepted to Wharton

I worked with two different consultants, one was okay but the one I ended up with was much better (Santosh). Santosh was organized and helped keep me organized during the process. He answered all e-mails within 24 hours, regardless of what day it was sent. I would recommend that if you’re going to hire a consultant to guide you through this process that you start as early as possible and utilize them to the fullest. Ultimately you’re going to get out of it as much as you put in, meaning that if you wait until the last minute and expect them to bail you out it’s not going to work. Do your research and hire a good consultant, with good reviews (like Santosh).

Accepted to Chicago Booth

I personally recommend working with Santosh since he is highly committed to his work and was available almost anytime you would ask. His turnaround time was so quick that it was difficult for me to match but in a way, it helped me wrap up all the applications on time. Santosh kept me motivated and suggested I take one step at a time. We worked very closely in writing and reviewing each essay which kept me motivated to finish applications in a piece-meal fashion.

I am a full-time working mom of a 3.5-year-old and it became really challenging for me to proceed with MBA applications along with managing work, family, kid, and social life. I have also attempted GMAT and MBA applications in the past 2 years but was never able to succeed because of other responsibilities. Before working with Santosh, it became so difficult for me to write an essay and send it for review to one of my friends and re-work on his reviews because everybody is busy in their own lives and no one really cares to respond on time. If you have time, energy, and people around you to review your essays then, that’s great you should avail those services. But otherwise, be bold to spend and avail yourself of counseling services if you are really serious about MBA.

Accepted to UCLA Anderson MSBA

I first connected with Santosh in December 2018: at that time, I was still in the process of shortlisting colleges and writing the requisite examinations like GRE and TOEFL. It was my first attempt ever at filling Master’s applications abroad. Santosh, within a very short span of time, transformed into a genuine stakeholder to my success. His availability far surpassed anything that I had ever imagined: whether it was odd hours or last-minute rectifications, he was always ready to help. Added to that was the fact that he knew the nuances of what the specific schools look for and how to not only structure an amazing application but also to keep me motivated during the process. I got into my dream school at Anderson (UCLA), exactly 6 months after I first wrote the GRE. This wouldn’t have been possible without Santosh and MBA Prep School!

Accepted to Chicago Booth

Santosh helped me a lot with the essays and the whole application process, which can be very exhaustive, so I definitely recommend consulting! Santosh was extremely supportive and he was available to help me out any time. It was clear to me that he did everything he could so I could get admitted. I am very grateful for all his help because alone I wouldn’t get this far. I have been admitted to the school that I was dreaming of and Santosh is definitely a critical part of my success!

Accepted to Chicago Booth

Santosh Prasad helped me through the application process and answered all my school-specific questions honestly. He was very insightful and knowledgeable. I learned more about the admission process and life at Booth through the process. As I had a short timeline in completing my application, I was very grateful for the timely and valuable feedback I received from Santosh.

Accepted to Fuqua

I highly recommend working with Santosh Prasad. Santosh helped me improve my resume structure & content, my application essays, and my interview responses. Santosh gave me helpful feedback, specifically pushing me to expand on topics that would answer the questions MBA admissions teams wanted to hear about. Santosh was very responsive and flexible to set up phone calls. Overall, he was a helpful advisor, supporter, and experienced guide.

Accepted to Chicago Booth

I worked with Santosh and he walked me through the entire process. He started by drawing out a fine-grained plan (I was largely always behind it) and kept me motivated throughout those couple of months. His responses were very quick through the various stages of the application – all the way up to preparing me for the interviews. Sam really got to know me and my applications — and as a result, I think my applications were much stronger

Accepted to Ross

I was paired with Santosh Prasad, who was an incredibly helpful editor and advisor during my mad dash of basically doing an application a day. His line edits were specific and clear. He had been on the admissions committee at the MBA program he attended, so he was able to give me insight on what would be helpful, what would stand out, and what would be looked down on. Moreover, Santosh was really responsive and would go through multiple drafts a day, sometimes sending me last-minute edits or answering application questions at 11 PM. The response time and communication were above and beyond what I expected.

I received interviews from 4 of the 5 schools for Santosh helped me prepare. Santosh took time out on a Saturday to help me prepare for an interview on Monday. When I had last-minute questions, I was able to turn to Santosh and get speedy, decisive answers.

Accepted to NYU Stern

Santosh was an absolute pleasure to work with! He was very patient with me, prompt with answering my emails, and made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. He also helped me figure out which program would best fit what I was looking for and helped me edit my essays until I was 100% content with them. Additionally, Santosh pushed me to re-take my GMAT exam. Although I really didn’t want to, I took the exam again and got a higher school – this definitely helped my admissions decision.

Accepted to Forte Foundation MBA Launch Program

I was paired with Sam and am so excited to work with him on my application. While it is still early in the application process, Sam helped me with my application for the Forte Foundation MBALaunch Program. Our first “get to know you” phone call was invaluable. I told him about my background and he immediately noted what would be perceived as a weakness or strength and we set out a plan to start working on beefing up my quantitative skills.

I filled out the lengthy introspection exercises and worked with Sam to make sure my answers were clear and concise. He was very responsive, often responding within a few hours of me sending the draft. The exercises helped frame my background and experiences to what I wanted to get out of an MBA program.

When I found out about the Forte Foundation MBALaunch program, I emailed Sam to ask him for his opinion on the program. He immediately responded and noted that it was a great opportunity to network with other female prospective students and that I should sign up for the program. We worked on putting together my essays. We worked on the essays over several weeks and refined each essay. I was admitted to the MBALaunch program! I’m looking forward to working with Sam on the rest of the MBA application!

Accepted to Mays and Foster

My consultant was Santosh Prasad who has an excellent personality, friendly demeanor, and thorough understanding of the application requirements. Through the initial exercises, I developed a strong understanding of what detail to be included in the B-school applications. The meetings with Santosh were set up at times convenient to me. He even accommodated weekends, which was very helpful based on the busy schedule at work.

We, as applicants, need to understand that the ad coms have a limited amount of time to go through each application. Having said that, there must be something in the application that makes it stand out within that limited time. Santosh helped me carve out those unique features in my application. He also guided me on what points to include in my essays, and how to structure them.
Santosh is the consultant you should look for.

Accepted to Chicago Booth, Ross, and Tepper

I worked with Santosh and he was sensitive to all my concerns and responded promptly to all my questions. Definitely worth it for the guidance and knowledge you’re not going at it alone!

Accepted to NYU Stern and Ross

I asked for Santosh to be my case consultant. I read many great things about him in others’ reviews, and my later experience confirmed just how sharp and attentive he was. Santosh also responded to all my messages and calls within the hour even in late December and early January when I am sure he was swamped with requests from multiple clients (I applied for R2).

Accepted to Stanford Business School

Santosh Prasad was always professional and incredibly responsive. The comments on my essays were very insightful.

Accepted to Oxford Said

Santosh worked closely with me to create a solid narrative arc using stories from my early education all the way to recent military achievements to demonstrate how and why I would be an excellent fit for the most prestigious MBA programs.

Accepted to Indiana Kelley and Rochester

My personal consultant, Santosh, was very helpful and always responded quickly. He seemed very interested in me getting in and guiding my decision. He definitely deserves a 5-star rating!

Accepted to UT Dallas with Scholarship

My brother-in-law referred me to MBA Prep school and I have not regretted even a single day after I accepted their services.

To start the proceeding, I had a small 20-30 minute telephonic session with Tyler and he got to know about me, what my background was and what my expectation was from MBA Prep school. After the session, Tyler told me that he will assign me Santosh Prasad (Sam) as my admission consultant. The next day, I had a session with Sam and he gave a brief of what our plan would be and how we will approach the whole admission cycle.

Sam is very professional and extremely helpful. My first task was to find the schools I am interested in applying to. I was struggling to find the school and I told Sam about it. He carefully reviewed my profile and delved deep into which schools will be the best fit for me.

Once the school selection was done, Sam polished my resume. He did minute but extremely significant tweaks to my resume. After 2-3 revisions, my resume was all good to go. One of the other advantages I had while working with Sam was time. I had a good 6 months before the Round 1 deadlines. Next on our agenda were the Essays. I think essays are the most important aspect of the MBA application. We normally think that GMAT or our work experience will land us a good MBA school. From what I have seen, that is not the case. The essays introduce you to the admission committee and that is why you need consultants like Sam who can really combine all the pieces of your personality and experience, and refine your story. Yes, you can do the essay yourself and submit them to your friend/relative to help. But getting professional help for your essays is not a bad option. Sam asked me to research each school I was applying to and come up with draft versions of essays. Once I wrote the essays, he reviewed each line and added comments for the important pieces I have missed. I was really happy that someone is paying so much attention to each line and word that I was writing. The edits suggested by Sam were extremely helpful. For essays too, Sam took 2-3 revisions, and then we came up with the final version. For one of the essays he even got it reviewed by a former admissions committee member. It just goes to say that Sam can go to lengths to make his clients happy and help them succeed.

Sam also helped me with a few of the mock interviews and my (never-ending) ad-hoc questions. He never shied away from providing his honest opinion. All his replies were in time and there was never an instance when I had to follow up with him. Sam had worked in the admissions office for one of the most reputed MBA programs and I believe this helped me a lot. He knows what an admission committee is looking for. He will remove any extra detail from the essay and add the vital ones. Sam is also very flexible and works as per your schedule. I being a working professional, really liked this part. I did not have to worry much about the deadlines and Sam would always set up meetings as per my flexibility.

I had been dreaming to do an MBA in the United States. With help from MBA Prep School and guidance from Sam, I am able to live that dream. I am happy to tell you that I got accepted into UT Dallas, which I thought I had very little chance of as my GMAT was well below their published average. I even received a good scholarship! I will not shy away from referring MBA Prep School and Sam for folks who want to do an MBA in the US and are looking for admission help. I know taking consulting help is a big economic decision, and was out of budget for me too, but with MBA Prep you will never regret that decision. Thank you, Sam and MBA Prep School for all your help!