Replay: Critical Primer on MBA Recruiting

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Special Discount Offer: Work one-on-one with Ivan Kerbel

A 1 hour one-on-one coaching session with Ivan Kerbel to discuss your personal recruiting profile and MBA job search strategy.

Ivan will review your resume and expected career goals, and offer guidance on pre-MBA networking, internships, and other necessary preparation. You will receive a high-level outline of ways to strengthen your candidate profile, skills, and knowledge prior to the start of school.

This is an excellent opportunity to ask "silly" questions, to test your assumptions about likelihood of success in the MBA recruiting process, and to consider the opportunity of engaging further career coaching to develop your MBA job search strategy prior to the start of school.

Normally Ivan charges $425 per hour ... however as a bonus for watching this webinar, you can purchase your first hour with Ivan for only $275 USD!

There are a limited number of coaching sessions offered, and they will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't delay -- this offer will expire soon!

Ivan Kerbel is the Director of Career Coaching services at MBA Prep School. A highly-experienced MBA career coach and professional development consultant, Ivan served as Director of MBA Career Development at The Yale School of Management, and was a Sr. Associate Director in MBA Career Management at The Wharton School.

Ivan Kerbel - former Wharton and Yale Career Services Director

Take Action Before This Offer Expires

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