5 Reasons Applicants Get Dinged by MBA Programs

by Tyler Cormney

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Knowing why MBA applicants get dinged by the business school admissions office will help you to avoid these mis-steps and steer clear of red flags when crafting your own MBA application. This list of 5 reasons applicants are turned down by MBA programs will help you to think like an admissions officer so that you can correct or mitigate issues the committee might find with your application.

5. Low Grade Point Average

The top business schools are looking for the best and the brightest. Admissions officers want to see evidence that you possess the intellectual horsepower to thrive in the MBA classroom. Poor grades on your college transcripts, particularly in your major, are a serious hurdle to overcome if you are applying to a selective business school.

4. GMAT Score 30+ Points Below Median

If your GMAT is more than about 30 points below the school’s published median, the school may decide you’re not for them. This is, for the most part, because of concerns about your verbal and/or quantitative abilities. Another reason is that GMAT scores are a metric used in the business press rankings; so MBA programs tend to avoid applicants whose score might exert downward pressure on the median.

3. Limited Career Progress

A promotion is a signal that your superiors have great faith in your abilities. If you’ve been in the same firm for several years and haven’t been promoted or at least been granted increased responsibility then admissions officers may assume that you lack the ability or the drive to progress.

2. Vague or Unconvincing Career Goals

The best business schools are looking for young professional who are motivated to make an impact in the world. Your career goals, as expressed in essays and admissions interviews, should convey your passion to make a difference in a field that truly excites you.

1. Generic Reasons for Applying

MBA applicants who cut and paste generic reasons for applying across their various applications give the admissions offices one more reason to look elsewhere. You must build a convincing case that the school fits with your career goals and academic needs.

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Tyler Cormney

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Tyler is an experienced MBA admissions consultant and is a co-founder of MBA Prep School. He started his admissions consulting career in 2006 with one of the leading firms in the field and has coached hundreds of MBA applicants.

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